Instructions for installing KnotPlot on MacOSX / macOS

After downloading InstallKnotPlotIntel.dmg.gz double click on it to create a InstallKnotPlotIntel.dmg file. Double click on the the dmg file and it should mount a KnotPlot Temporary Disk (look in the Devices section in the sidebar of a Finder window). Open the KnotPlot Temporary Disk and drag the KnotPlot folder to the Applications folder. Once you've done that, unmount KnotPlot Temporary Disk. Be sure to trash the InstallKnotPlotIntel.dmg.gz and InstallKnotPlotIntel.dmg files.

Inside the KnotPlot folder in Applications is the KnotPlot exectuable, some PDFs and a utilities folder. The Read Me.pdf file has instructions how to set up a project folder. This is a good idea because KnotPlot by default saves files to the Desktop (which you don't want to do). You can have many different project folders and they can be located anywhere. Using project folders helps keep things organized and avoids clutter. There are two ways to create a project folder and get KnotPlot to load and save files to that folder. The first is by copying a small helper app (launch-KnotPlot-here, located in the utilies folder) to your project folder and starting KnotPlot using the helper app. If you are comfortable using Terminal, there is also a way to start KnotPlot from the command line when you are in your project directory (folder). The first of these methods is illustrated in the following YouTube video.

This next video shows how to take control of the KnotPlot window layout.

Please let me know if you have any trouble installing KnotPlot or setting up a project folder.

Rob Scharein
8 April 2018