If you experience problems with KnotPlot I hope you don't feel like the lonely being pictured above. Problems with KnotPlot can be described as caveats, limitations, or just plain bugs.


These are problems that may occur because of various design flaws in KnotPlot. Unlike true bugs, however, I have no intention of fixing them. They are listed here hopefully to prevent confusion.

Problem: Some commands and parameters have the same four letter abbreviation, an example is backface and background . This is not really a problem, even when they are abbreviated to four letters because commands and parameters are used in different ways.


Problems in this section are just the way KnotPlot normally behaves, for better or for worse.

Problem: Knot components don't join up properly, an ugly crimp is seen.
Solution: Use the twfix command or the 'twfix' button on the main control panel.

Problem: Ugly bends seen when in Smooth Tubes mode.
Solution: Relax the knot a bit.

Problem: Knot takes forever to draw.
Solution: Reduce the value of nsegments or ncurve .


Problem: Alert boxes don't work if they're moved.
Solution: Don't move them, or move them back to where they were before they were moved.

Problem: Lack of many problems in this section, other problems encountered with KnotPlot, getting KnotPlot to export models to raytracers....
Solution: See me!

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