An embedding of the unit circle into three dimensions. Be warned that I often refer to link s as knots in this manual.

A collection of (more-than-one) disjoint embeddings of the unit circle into three dimensions. Sometimes I call one component links knots in this manual.

Portable Grey Map file format. This is the grey-scale version of the PNM format. Read the on-line description.

Portable aNy Map file format. Actually a collection of file formats. PNM files (the raw versions) are good, simple, and useful file formats for colour, grey scale, and binary images. There are many tools installed on most platforms that can manipulate PNM images.

Portable Pix Map file format. The colour version of the PNM format. The view window can be output as a PPM file using the ppmout command. Read the on-line description.

torus knot
A torus knot is a knot that can be drawn on the surface of a standard torus without self-intersections. Use the torus command to generate one. Examples are shown at the KnotPlot Site.

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