The Special Collection

These are knots and links that have some intrinsic interest even though they are not in the standard catalogue. You can get a random sampling of some of the knot and links in the special collection by clicking on the 'Sp' button on the main control panel. That button loads a link from one of the files spe0, spe1, spe2, ... which are just a subset of the collection. See this file for a description of what the spe* files are. Please note that there are many other knots and links in the special collection that aren't numbered among the spe* files.

The special collection is located in the special directory in the KnotPlot distributuion.

Composite Knots

The Square Knot stored as file: square The Granny Knot stored as file: granny

Knots of 11, 12, and 13 Crossings

stored as file: 11.509

stored as file: 12.1989

stored as file: 13.9465

Fancy Knots and Links from Dale's Book

stored as file: page139d

stored as file: page198

stored as file: page320

These include some that are in the catalogue in different embedding, but have special names in certain configurations:

The True Lover's Knot stored as file: true-lovers-knot

The Whitehead Link stored as file: whitehead

Complex Knots and Links

stored as file: celt7

stored as file: celt9a.12

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