KnotPlot Resource Directory

The resource directory is where many of the support utilities and data needed by KnotPlot are located. These HTML pages for example are located in the sub-directory www and many file headers needed for DXF and Postscript output are located there.

The directory just above the resource directory is known as the KnotPlot home, which is the root directory for everything in the KnotPlot distributuion.

Finding the Resource Directory

If you type in the 'version' command to KnotPlot, you'll get something like the following:
KnotPlot> version

KnotPlot Version #1146.
Compiled on impact at Sat Mar 9 16:40:35 PST 1996.
KnotPlot Home Directory: /grads/scharein/knotplot
KnotPlot Resource Directory: /grads/scharein/knotplot/resource
in addition to other information. You may have to make the command window larger to see the entire text. This will tell you where to look to find the resource directory.
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