The Knot Catalogue

KnotPlot has on-line the complete set of knots and links pictured in Appendix C of Dale Rolfsen's book Knots and Links. The original data was kindly supplied by Professor Rolfsen and the knots and links relaxed with KnotPlot. The versions you see in the catalogue are nearly completely relaxed. A few extra knots and links are included the standard catalogue that aren't in Rolfsen's table because, strictly speaking, they are not prime. For example the 1, 2, 3, and 4 component trivial links are stored in the files 0.1, 0.2.1, 0.3.1, and 0.4.1. Check out the table of prime links to see what is available on-line.

The knot catalogue is located in the basic directory in the KnotPlot distributuion.

Naming Convention

The naming of the files in the standard catalogue is pretty straight forward, replacing sub and superscripts with periods, as shown below:

is stored as the file 9.11

is stored as the file 9.2.35

is stored as the file 9.3.13

is stored as the file 7.7

The superscript, if present, is the number of distinct components. The subscript indicates a more-or-less arbitrary ordering in the catalogue.
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