KnotPlot Distribution

This is a list of the major directories in the KnotPlot distribution and what they contain. To find where these directories are located, first find the KnotPlot home (use the version command). From the KnotPlot home you should see the following sub-directories (at least).
These are the knot and link files in the basic knot catalogue.

This is the demos directory. It consists of mostly demo scripts, including those that define the default basic demos seen on the Demos control panel.

This is the resource directory. It contains a number of sub-directories:

A number of files needed for Postscript output.

Location of a few executable files (SGI version).
Source code for several useful utilities including the following files:
  • ppm2cur.c A program to convert raw PPM files into the '.cur' format needed for a KnotPlot cursor.
  • showpnm.c A very simple program to display raw PPM image files on an SGI screen, useful to look at the output from the ppmout command.
  • ginv.c Very useful little utility by Rodney Hoinkes to query the graphics capability of your system. Lets you know the number of bitplanes for each colour component in both double and single buffered mode.
  • cat4dsurf.c A program to concatenate two 4D surfaces into one. An example using this program to construct the Van Kampen - Zeeman Linked Spheres is found in the demos directory.
  • eqspace.c A simple filter to create a knot coord file that has a bead spacing not less than a minimum amount.
  • kpfsnoop.c Snooping program to examine contents of a KnotPlot knot or link file.
  • unknot.c Very simple example program to create a KnotPlot file containing a stack of unknots.
  • Makefile
Location of the on-line hypertext manual (this manual).

A sub-directory where the images in the on-line manual are located.

These are the knot and link files in the special collection.

A large number of unknots in various states of relaxation are located here.

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